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Reviews for Conveyancing

Mrs D C Addicott

"Everything - expertise, efficency, communications and nice people too."

18 February 2019

Mr and Mrs Taylor

"Very thorough - made sure everything was correct."

29 January 2019

Mr and Mrs Trowhill

"Everything was carried out straight away, we were kept in the 'loop'. All questions were answered."

17 December 2018

Mrs K Trowhill

"We didn't have to chase anything up. Paper work was dealt with immediately."

17 December 2018

Mr A and Mrs J Sanders

"Prompt response to our enquiries, expertise of staff and professional advice."

12 December 2018

Mr M and Mrs E M McGuire

"Professional, approachable, friendly and informative."

5 December 2018

Mr P and Mrs S D Kershaw

"Professional, friendly, helpful and efficient service. Delighted with Suzanne Spooner and her team."

24 September 2018

Mrs J Cowan

"I was impressed with the efficiency in resolving issues, also Suzanne was so on the ball when it came to ID signing and resolved problems there and then."

2 October 2018

Ms K Hodson

"Professional, friendly team who take the typecast solicitors image and turn it around."

1 August 2018

Mr M Lane and Miss J Monkman

"As first time buyers we found it very daunting, it was good that we could always speak to someone who knew about our purchase."

6 August 2018

Mr N J Robinson

"Very professional, efficient and dealt with things promptly in addition I was kept informed at all times."

23 November 2018

Mr and Mrs Hunt

"Always friendly and answered every question we had no matter how trivial."

24 August 2018

Mrs J V Ingram

"Proffesionalism, prompt service can’t fault. I will never go anywhere else."

24 August 2018

Mr A G and Mrs S Wilson

"Professionalism of all staff. Pleasant and willingness to listen."

8 October 2018

Mrs P A J Clarke

"Prompt response to enquires, thorough investigation of the Leasehold situation, appropriate warning about risks involved. Also the vendors were impressed compared to their own purple bricks solicitors and said they were thinking of using you in the future!"

1 November 2018

Mr F J Belt

"Quick completion of purchase required which was met on time."

4 August 2018

Mr I P Leech and Mr N R Leech

"Very efficient, always kept us informed at each stage of the sale."

26 August 2018

Mr J R and Mrs Noble

"Suzanne went above what was expected."

10 July 2018

Mr J L and Mrs M Swallow

“Timely and efficient, Jane and Samantha were very friendly.”

30 October 2018

Mrs B M Miles

“Very efficient, excellent communication always knew what was happening, process all very stress free.”

31st October 2018

Mrs E P Danby

"Helpful and firendly, give useful advice."

4 August 2018

Ms D E Mathers

"Natalie and Suzanne were great. I particularly appreciated Suzanne Spooner explaining details I was not confident about."

15 November 2017

Mr M J and Mrs V A Griffiths

"The efficiency of the transaction, the friendliness of the staff and the thorough explanation of the process."

20 December 2017

Mr W T Plummer

"Commuincation was very good and the speed it took to complete the process was also good."

1 January 2018

Mr M J B and Mrs P A James

"Kept us updated and worked hard to get problems sorted out would always return calls."

3 January 2018

Mrs E Grayson

"Probably because everything is put to you in "layman’s terms" so it is more understandable and also the extreme efficiency from Suzanne Spooner and the rest of the staff."

15 February 2018

Mrs C I Wood

"We were kept informed about the process and progress of our house. All queries were dealt with efficiently and speedily."

9 February 2018

Mrs M Welton

"The friendliness and the speed of the work done."

26 March 2018

Mr M J and Mrs C A Neale

"Helpful, informative and most of all professional and friendly."

5 May 2018

Mr L I and Mrs S Frost

"The pleasant and professional way Theresa dealt with on all levels and very helpful."

1 May 2018

Mr and Mrs A Pike

"Theresea explained everything when needed, made the whole transaction easy to follow - no problems whatsoever and kept us informed throughout the process."

7 May 2018

Mr J C and Mrs G E Rushton

"Not having moved for over 17 years. Obviously many rules and regulations have changed we were anxious about procedure, but after meeting Natalie and Suzanne we were both put at ease."

5 June 2018

Mr G Batty

"The professionalism shown throughout and the calming influence from Rachael, through a difficult conveyance."

12 August 2018

Mr B and Mrs V Guildford

"Professional, accessible and friendly staff."

5 July 2018

Mr A H F and Mrs K R Bradstock

"Very happy, very professional and helpful."

8 July 2018

Mrs M Maughan

"The way she explained things. Brilliant and so prompt dealing with things."

20 July 2018

Mr C and Mrs S Beasley

"Very friendly and efficent. Always had an answer to any questions, always able to speak to someone if we had a question."

25 July 2018

Mr P and Mrs E Ellis

"Very efficient and always accessible."

31 July 2018

Mr G Frankland

"Both Amanda and Dean were friendly, he;pful, professional and thorough."

14 July 2018

Mr H A Lee

"The personal touches were great, but the quality of product was exceptional. All emails replied to on the same day, rapid progress of my case and efficient service. Mrs Holloway is exceptional and clearly a fantastic asset for the firm."

10 July 2018

Mr S Cousins

"Very professional and efficient. Constantly kept fully informed during the conveyancing process. Documentation was well presented."

4 July 2018

Mr A R and Mrs V M Evans

"Polite, speedy replies to enquiries, dignified approach, no "extras" added for calls and emails. We lack experience in buying and selling and nothing seemed too much trouble."

14 June 2018

Mr B T and Mrs J A Sullivan

"Excellent communication from solicitor Rachael and her assistant Rebecca. Everything was explained to us, very prompt and efficient service."

6 June 2018

Mr E and Mrs A Bottomley

"Responsiveness, speed, care, attention to detail and transparency."

4 June 2018

Ms E J Lawrence

"I thought the legal side of my mortgage was going to be too confusing and expensive for me to understand, however, I would highly recommend Rachael as she was easy to talk to, lovely lady and I felt very confident in her ability."

29 May 2018

Mr C C Lau and Mrs C C Chiu

"Professional and efficient."

27 April 2018

Mr A J Milnes

"We had every confidence and trust in Rachael. She is professional, honest and reliable."

27 April 2018

Mr R A Rose and Miss K M Julian

"Promp, thorough and great communication."

2 April 2018

Mr & Mrs T M Boulton

"An approachable firendly manner, patient, understanding and clear."

21 February 2018

Mr R and Mrs J Chester

"Everything progressed very smoothly, Dean [Waslin] and Amanda [Hewson] were always very helpful and easy to get along with."

12 February 2018

Mr A and Mrs Wharam

"The attention we were given was excellent, we was always able to speak to Amanda Hewson or her secretary Dean and all queries were dealt with promptly. Your attention to detail and how you handle anxious and nervious clients is first class, keep up the personal service, its much appreciated."

17 December 2017

Ms P Ruston

"I was recommended by a work friend who had used you, Williamsons was the most reasonably priced solicitor that we could find. I was impressed by the effeciency and kindness shown to me during a very difficult time. Carry on the as you are, you're all great."

1 December 2017

Mr B and Mrs B Hodgson

"Competitve price for conveyancing compaired to 3 other solicitors, very approachable and able to answer any questions I had"

13 Novermber 2017

Dr H K and Mrs S J Macnab

"Mr Bancroft always responded quickly to any queries we had and dealt with the whole process effciently, our experience was first rate."

2 November 2017

Mr D P Fleet

"We have used this company for over 15 years, for over 15 transactions and have always been pleased with the service. Any time we call with questions we are out straight through to the person dealing with our transaction. We would definitely use Williamsons Solicitors again."

25 October 2017

Mr P M Graves

"I have previously used Williamsons and was very content; impressed with communication, professionalism and friendliness"

25 September 2017

Mr C I Parcell

"I always use Richard Bancroft when conveying property, fast and excellent communication"

16 September 2017

Mr M R and Mrs S L Booker

"Suzanne Spooner & Natalie [Burns] are very professional, knowledgable, helpful and have excellent communication skills"

12 September 2017

Mr P L Todd and Mrs S A Rhodes

"Probably the best conveyancing team in Bridlington, very happy, excellent communications at all times with easy availability."

25 September 2017

Mr C S Tomalin

"Suzanne [Spooner] found to be very professional, but also very friendly. She was always available to answer queries both in person and over the phone."

19th May 2017

Mr M B and Mrs H C Pollard

"The speed at which Jane [Cousins] and Amanda [Hewson] dealt with the matter. Working to tight deadlines and keeping me informed throughout."

25 April 2017

Mrs Ford

"Very happy. You kept in touch and kept me up-to-date at every step and answered any questions I needed to ask."

12 October 2016

J M Adkins

"Very happy. The updating and the speed sending final statement and balance of funds."

18 July 2016

John Bailey

"Miss [Gemma] Foster handled the sale of my last property in Pocklington. I was extremely satisfied with the service provided. Expert advice given at every stage of the process. The purchase was completed quickly and efficiently."

8 July 2016

Mr J M and Mrs M L Croft

"Efficient and knowledgeable solicitor and receptionist".

5 July 2016

Mr and Mrs Bottomley

"Jenny [Holloway] was amazing throughout and so organised. We cannot recommend Jenny enough. She was 110% efficient throughout the whole process. You have a great employee."

29 June 2016

Chipo Barbara Duri

"Jenny [Holloway] was excellent, she responded to all queries promptly and kept me updated."

29 June 2016

Mr Ablett and Mrs Sams-Ablett

"Very happy. Due to difficulties and failings by my purchaser's solicitors, there were extra pressures which were dealt with. Going the extra mile!"

29 June 2016

Mr and Mrs Palmer

"The service you provided was first class, your Conveyancer and her assistant did a good job. The help and assurance they gave put my mind at rest."

27 June 2016

Mr Michael Stracey and Mrs Caroline Stracey

"Your service was very prompt. You did everything that you said you were going to do and worked in our best interest."

27 June 2016

Christine Anne Young

"The friendly staff and friendly Mr [Richard] Bancroft, who whenever I had a question he was very quick to get back to me with an answer."

27 June 2016

Mr Briggs and Miss Sugdon

"Price, focus, communication, thorough approach. Especially Suzanne [Spooner] and Natalie."

27 June 2016

Christine Margaret Hatter

"I was very happy with service provided. I was impressed with your service as I was always informed on progress of buying my house."

27 June 2016

Margaret Seymour Molesworth

"Fast answer to phone calls. Quick service by [Suzanne] Spooner or Natalie when I called at your office. I appreciated your friendly reception."

27 June 2016

Mr and Mrs Freeman

"Very happy. Unfortunately never met Suzanne [Spooner] due to illness but Natalie was a brilliant substitute and always spoke to me when we rang. Richard [Bancroft] also took us through the signing of documents."

27 June 2016


"Mark [Allison] was very informative and happy to explain all my queries. He also appeared knowledgeable and efficient when we met him."

27 June 2016


"Very happy. Mark [Allison] was helpful, kept us updated at all stages and made me feel confident in him."

27 June 2016

Edwina Suter

"Suzanne [Spooner] and Natalie were always very helpful and resolved any issues and offered sound advice, thereby easing stressful situations."

27 June 2016

Patricia Rosalind Watson

"Friendly, approachable and efficient - right from the first point of contact at reception."

27 June 2016

Martin Jonathan Wood

"Mark Allison kept well in touch with progress. Emails and letters used/telephone calls/texts."

27 June 2016

Mr and Mrs Miller

"Always someone to talk to if any problems arose. You kept me up-to-date with the sale."

27 June 2016

Mr and Mrs Crane

"Quick response/turnaround of documents etc. Efficient and methodical. Overall friendliness and helpfulness of the staff we came into contact with."

27 June 2016

Mr D G and Mrs R G M Smith

"Extremely happy. Couldn't fault them. Richard Bancroft was very professional, swift and friendly."

27 June 2016

Mr and Mrs Gow

"The efficiency and understanding of both Mr [Richard] Bancroft and Beth who were so helpful and professional."

27 June 2016


"Mark [Allison] was exceptionally efficient, I could not fault his service at all."

27 June 2016

Terence Edward Carter

"We received clear answers to our questions and trouble free service... Mr [Richard] Bancroft gives good service."

27 June 2016

Pauline Elizabeth Parker

"Friendly, kept me informed of all dealings with the house sale."

27 June 2016

Mr Madeley and Mrs Madeley

"The thoroughness and efficiency of the handling of the matter and the fact that we were guided expertly through the legal aspects. We were kept fully informed at all times."

27 June 2016

Ruth Matthewson

"I was very happy with the service provided. A very helpful, thorough and friendly team. Suzanne [Spooner], Natalie and the rest of the team went above and beyond. I was always kept informed due to a very fast service and helpful staff."

27 June 2016

Mr J A Cowell and Miss R J Brown

"Friendly staff, always prompt in returning calls, gave the impression they really cared."

27 June 2016

Mr and Mrs Cook

"Very happy with the service provided. Always kept up-to-date, very friendly when coming to the offices."

21 June 2016

Kerry Louise Barker

"Amanda [Hewson] was on the ball and made sure matters were dealt with properly. Amanda was very efficient and courteous."

10 June 2016

Faustina Korkoi Tackie

"They were professional and open, honest and I felt at ease with them."

3 May 2016

David Walker and Donna Walker

"Excellent service from yourself [Jane Cousins], Amanda Hewson and Vicky. Quick and easy sale, very professional with all matters concernced. You tick all the boxes in my eyes, fantastic."

8 April 2016

Michele Frances Neve

"Clear, very good communications and being able to speak with Shazida [Ullah] and her colleagues in a timely way."

30 March 2016

Mr and Mrs Sugden

"100% happy. We were kept well informed of the progress of our purchase. Shazida Ullah was very professional, always answered our calls in a timely manner and was happy to help."

30 March 2016

Alison Jane Peers

Our client described our service as "efficient and completely no nonsense: made everything straight forward."

11 March 2016

Brenda May Fisher

"You kept us informed at each stag of the process."

1 March 2016

Louise Kimberley Furniss

Our client was impressed by our service stating it was "fast, efficient, reasonably priced [and] friendliness of staff."

8 January 2016

Gareth and Deborah Rounding

"Efficient, easy to contact, meeting times outside of normal office hours, polite and cheerful. It's easy to catch people doing the wrong things - this is not the case with your service so it's a pleasure to catch you doing things correctly."

11 December 2015

Patricia Cawthorn

"Friendly, immediately informative and fast efficiency in handling affairs in a professional manner... Impossible to fault".

20 November 2015

Sharon Tillison

"Very efficient and thoroughly explained everything".

13 November 2015

Subha Brata Biswas

Our client was very impressed by the "speed of communication and action. Very reasonable price... Was pretty much flawless".

13 November 2015

Christine Norman

"Professional, good at explaining circumstances clearly, helpful and approachable. Shazida [Ullah] was lovely to work with and would help as much as she could under difficult circumstances".

30 October 2015

Valerie Heather Smith

"The experience I received could not in my opinion be improved". The client was also impressed with "the excellent help and kindness I received throughout. Professional throughout".

23 October 2015

Doris Gilby

Our client praises the "first class service" and was impressed by Jane Cousins and stated she "was very professional, friendly and explained everything as we proceeded. She took time to ensure I understood".

29 September 2015

Mr & Mrs Appleyard

"Amanda Hewson kept us informed at every stage via email and telephone which made us relax and know all was ok".

29 September 2015

Ian Hardy

Our client was highly satisfied with their experience "from reception, through the people who covered for Jenny and Jenny [Holloway] herself. I was extremely pleased".

29 September 2015

Rachel Jane Matthews

Our client was impressed by the "knowledge of Shazida Ullah and her ability to answer all questions".

29 September 2015

Sharif Zein

"Very quick and kept updated every time."

31 July 2015

Mr Whiting and Miss Wilburn

"Very thorough, professional and quick to answer any queries."

20 July 2015

Martin Lewis Edmonds

"The service was excellent, all my phone enquiries were answered immediately and the clarity and detail of the advice was exemplary. As well as being punctual and offering excellent advice all your staff that I had contact with were very friendly and made the experience a pleasure."

15 July 2015

Keith Busby

"The courteous manner and updated all the time."

9 July 2015

Shannon Gray

"Friendly, professional attitude of all staff, always a warm welcome in Reception. I was always kept up to date with how things were progressing."

9 July 2015

Jennifer Ann Brambles

"Very pleased; polite and professional at all times."

9 July 2015

Mr and Mrs Vickers

"Very happy with the service, polite and understanding staff."

9 July 2015

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Read some reviews from our clients

4.89 Average

112 Reviews


Friendly, fast and efficient. Sale of property went very well.


I have nothing but praise for Gordon Sewell at the Hull office. He conducted my unusual and difficult civil case with great care and understanding. Gordon also injected the right amount of sympathy for my plight without being unprofessional. I would recommend him to anyone needing a clued up civil litigation lawyer.

Richard K

very helpful and efficient. thanks to all

Peter R

Mr Nick Gray was assigned my enquiry and worked with me throughout. He made himself available at all times and was always supportive to me on numerous occasions when I found myself unsure and admittedly nervous. He never let me down. I believe his advice was always good and I relied on it throughout. I think the award was the best I could have obtained and in conclusion I can honestly say that I am happy. The other contact I have had over the years was your receptionist, the face of your company. I was always greeted with a smile and the offer of a cup of coffee. On the occasions I visited your Hull office I was always made to feel important. Thank you.


Professional and courteous team. Recommend highly.

Gareth M

I’ve rated my experience with Williamson’s solicitors as excellent. My case was handled by Mr. Gordon Sewell. Mr. Sewell was very quick to get to work on my case, as was necessary at the time. Everything he did for me was thorough and made sure I had every chance in my case. Everything Mr Sewell did for me turned out a success and I couldn’t have been happy with the way he dealt with myself, could communicated with myself and dealt with the case in its entirety. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Williamson’s solicitors again should I require it and would recommend their services to anyone. In fact, I already have since my experience! Thanks again Gordon.

Dom W

Recently used Williamsons Solicitors as part of a remortgage and some other matters. Can't fault their service at all. Carey dealt with my file and was polite, professional and informative from beginning to end. Always kept me up to speed with progress. I would highly recommend them.

Mrs Margaret W

Excellent service with a friendly face

Mr Martin a

Was very happy with the service given by Williamsons solicitors who dealt with the probate of a friends will and also the selling of her property. Especially Diane Ramsden whose help was invaluable.


Williamsons took on my case following the collapse of another Hull legal practice. Despite them having to pick up a large amount of work already completed by others, they worked tirelessly to ensure the correct outcome for me. I cannot recommend this company highly enough, they go above and beyond the norm to make sure their clients are treated fairly.


We used Williamsons for selling and buying a property, we found Jane Cousins and her assistant Sam Pollard to be pleasant, professional and efficient. Lisa on reception downstairs was particularly helpful and polite. Thank you to you all.

Mr J G

Avery good service with very professional and knowledgeable staff.


Brilliant, thank you for helping me make this process easier.

Mr G B

I would recommend Williamson’s to any potential client. From the onset I was supported throughout a very difficult conveyance and my solicitor was very professional at all times. It is advisable to engage the services of a local company and not one advised by online estate agencies. Very competitive pricing too. Thank you Williamson’s.

Mr and Mrs Overall

Very helpful quick excellent service Have dealt with both Jenny Holloway and Emma Hudson in the past and on each occasion have found them both excellent and would recommend them both to any future clients Thank you once again for your excellent professional service

Mr C P

Brilliant communication and a first class effort despite a Rocky move, Jenny and Emma at the Hull city centre branch where fantastic.

Ms A

Very helpful and attentive, would definitely recommend Samantha/Jane of Williamsons sollicitors

Sue L

Our solicitor Carey Robinson was at all times helpful and professional, nothing was too much trouble. I would not hesitate to recommend her to friends and family.

Barbara C

I have used Williamsons Solicitors twice this year - for obtaining probate and for the sale of a leasehold flat and on both occasions I have found Williamsons to be extremely efficient and speedy. They were very knowledgeable and kept me well informed at all times. Any queries I had were answered promptly and all advice given was accurate and most helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend Williamsons to anyone in need of a first class, reliable and customer friendly solicitor. Thank you for making a traumatic situation as stress free as possible.

Mrs B O

Very apprehensive at the start. From the first contact with Williamsons they were reassuring. Kept up tpdate with the whole process , guided and informed from the start. Pleased with the outcome and my special thanks especially to Mr. Smith and his team Betty Osborn.

Mr Neil P

Great service and always kept up to date with everything, felt i was given the personal touch and not just a client, I used Williamsons to sort out my late fathers estate in which he left in such a mess, and also the sale of a house I will recommend to others and certainly use again Thanks Neil x