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Reviews for Wills & Probate

Mr and Mrs Wheelwright

"Comprehensive and timely communications. Professional, courteous and confidence inspiring relationship management."

14 February 2019

Mr Hall

"Speedy, efficient and clear explanations. Trustworthy and professional."

5 April 2019

Dr Bennett

"Highly efficient and professional service at all times. Faultess and reliable. In fact I commend exceptional team member Dean Waslin."

19 March 2019

Mr G Edwards

"Emma is efficient and able to discuss matters openly with. She vistied the children with me even though these were late in the evening or at the weeked. She managed a difficult client in the father very well."

19 March 2019

Mr Cowell

"The advice given was friendly and comprehensive, with assistance in the filling in of court paperwork."

18 March 2019

Mrs Nightingale

"Very professional and friendly, also very helpful."

6 February 2019

Mrs D B Brewin

"The friendly atmosphere as soon as one walks through the door and of course the coffee."

4 March 2019

Mrs J Heslop

"They were very efficent, very speedy, very caring, very friendly and very helpful!"

26 February 2019

Mr L Brooker

"Efficiency of staff, lovely staff, friendly and polite, always responded quickly to queries, excellent communication throughout, reasonable fees."

24 February 2019

Mr and Mrs Bradley

"Friendly, professional, helpful service. Nothing was too much trouble."

23 February 2019

Mrs Winterbottom

"Wayne was nearly always available, he was friendly and professional and also his staff."

1 February 2019

Mr and Mrs Taylor

"Very thorough - made sure everything was correct."

29 January 2019

Mrs Longbottom

"Very welcoming and i felt completely at ease."

7 February 2019

Ms P Moosa

"[I was impressed with] how friendly everyone was, how fast you dealt with my case and how you kept me up to date with letters every 3 weeks."

30 November 2018

Mr A J and Mrs P Goulding

"Everything was explained to us, very polite and friendly."

4 December 2018

Vodecca Limited

"You are my usual solicitors with a proven record of service."

23 November 2018

Mr M Lane and Miss J Monkman

"As first time buyers we found it very daunting, it was good that we could always speak to someone who knew about our purchase."

6 August 2018

Mr J R and Mrs Noble

"Suzanne went above what was expected."

10 July 2018

Mr J C Cooke

"Sarah Webster who was looking after my case was very clear and precise about the whole journey start to finish, extremely professional and would recommend to anyone."

7 November 2018

Mrs B M Miles

“Very efficient, excellent communication always knew what was happening, process all very stress free.”

31st October 2018

Ms Suzanne Kevan

"My solicitor Sarah Clubley was very friendly and supportive."

25 October 2018

Mr K Busby

"Sarah knew exactly what my problem was and would recommend her to anyone."

4 October 2018

Mrs Wake

"Honest good information to protect my interest. Rachael has also given me sound advice about property. My experience that the staff are very friendly, helpful and caring. Keep as you are and no improvements necessary."

11 October 2018

Miss A Phrydas

"Hannah Cook has been fantastic throughout the process, very happy with her professionalism"

29 September 2018

Mr M and Mrs S Dobbs

"Friendliness of Alison and everything explained in simple terms."

11 September 2018

Miss K Clark

"Claire Holland was very professional but also very friendly, I felt reasured and at ease."

20 September 2018

Mr M and Mrs J E Palmer

"Always been very professional and Rebecca gives understandable advice."

24 September 2018

Miss M A J Taylor

"Very happy with the service provided, very friendly, easy to talk to and efficient!"

8 August 2018

Mrs C Veitch

"Williamsons handled the conveyancing for both my son and daughters houses which is why we used you for Administration of Estate.

Diane was friendly, approachable and everyone was very helpful.
I've never had to do anything like this beofre so it was good that every step was explained to me."

23 July 2018

Mr K A and Mrs A A Williams

"Efficient and everything was carried out in a carefree, relaxed manner with no interuptions"

14 March 2018

Mr P O Goodwill

"Nothing was too much trouble for Ms Ramsden and everything was explained to me in plain English"

21 March 2018

Mrs M E Taylor

"Very friendly and professional with clear explanations"

26 Febuary 2018

Mr R and Mrs J Dyer

"Had previously used Stuart, Smith and Burnett Solicitors at your premises previously, I was impressed by your friendly and approachable nature and how happy you was to explain and go over things if they weren't understood the first time.

4 February 2018

Miss H C Snowden

"Diane has prepaired my previous Wills and at all times has provided perfect advice, she also gave additional advice about a grave deed which was especially useful.

I have 100% faith in Diane's expertise.

Many, many thanks Diane for your help"

29 December 2017

Mrs S Taylor

"Diane Ramsden was very kind and caring and easy to talk to throughout the whole process."

2 January 2018

Mr R G F Zerny

"Recommendation from friends and acquaintances several years ago as well as previous satisfactory service is the reason I returned to Williamsons.

I was impressed with the availability of the partner concerned as well as the sound and clear, professional advice given."

30 September 2018

Mr M and Mrs A Smith

"Mavis thought very highly of you and I can understand why, you are so easy to talk to and nothing is too much trouble.

I was very daunted with all that being power of attorney and executor entailed, but you made it so much easier.

Both Martin and I can't thank you enough for your help and kindness.

24 August 2018

Mr N A Hazel

"In 1997 I had a serious road accident and a solicitors firm was chosen for me, you did me proud and I have been with you ever since.

I couldn't have had better service."

8 September 2018

Mrs E P Danby

"Helpful and firendly, give useful advice."

4 August 2018

Mrs M L Russell

"Always efficient but with a pleasant and friendly touch."

6 August 2018

Mr J C and Mrs G E Rushton

"Not having moved for over 17 years. Obviously many rules and regulations have changed we were anxious about procedure, but after meeting Natalie and Suzanne we were both put at ease."

5 June 2018

Mr P and Mrs E Ellis

"Very efficient and always accessible."

31 July 2018

Mr J G and Mrs Y Lawless

"Jane Cousins was extremely helpful, her guidance and knowledge was appreciated."

25 July 2018

Mr P W Jones

"Professional but friendly service throughout."

12 June 2018

Mrs L Plaxton

"The service was excellent and I could talk to Jim Suthers easily. I was advised well and Jim was very understanding."

30 June 2018

Mr G Owen

"Very impressed with being kept up to date with updates right through my claim"

3 July 2018

Mr G and Mrs S Dunning

"We liked how Madeleine went over everything in detail before signing took place."

28 June 2018

Mrs V D Carson

"I dealt with Ms Lauren Hughes who answered all questions in a way i could understand."

23 May 2018

Mr J T Hagan

"Ease of getting an appointment with Lauren. Lauren was great and got us probate in less than 2 weeks."

21 April 2018

Mr J E and Mrs J A Dennis

"There was no long waits for appointments and our wills where soon brought up to date and finalisied. We were very happy with the service you provided and could see nowhere where it could be improved."

22 March 2018

Ms A Hatto

"Emma was very efficient and kept in touch with me through out the case. Emma gave excellent service and the advice she gave was sound."

20 June 2018


Re Gordon Sewell
We received excellent advice at a time of great stress and Gordon was able to react to situations quickly throughout the process.

16 April 2018

Mr N P and Mrs J C Smith

"Efficient, always contactable and kept up to date."

18 May 2018

Mr G Rippin

"Any queries from myself were quickly and efficiently answered by phone/E-mail, any developments were soon passed on to myself."

2 June 2018

Mr S J Cross

"Very friendly and helpful. Always kept in touch. Dealt with easily and quickly."

21 May 2018

Mr & Mrs Burrell

"On both of the last two occassions - Powers of Attorney and House Conveyancing - speed, efficiency, information and immediate response to enquiry."

18 May 2018

Mr A J Milnes

"We had every confidence and trust in Rachael. She is professional, honest and reliable."

27 April 2018

Mr G S Watson

"Well explained process and very easy to understand."

14 April 2018

Mr C Thompson

"My case was dealt and expedited with professional courtesy and efficency."

13 April 2018

Mr R J Gaunt

"I was referred to Williamsons from our company contract lawyers. After further research and speaking to Mr Waddington and the team it was clear that Williamsons was the best firm for my case. The communication and professionalism from Mr Waddington is commendable. I will use Williamsons for any legal requirement; I have also referred my friends and colleagues to Williamsons. "

13 March 2018

Miss D Appleyard

Our client is very happy with the service Katherine Schofield provided and is impressed with her "very good communication and ability to explain things well"

17 January 2018

Mr D P Fleet

"We have used this company for over 15 years, for over 15 transactions and have always been pleased with the service. Any time we call with questions we are out straight through to the person dealing with our transaction. We would definitely use Williamsons Solicitors again."

25 October 2017

Mr B Gusarevics

"You're the first firm that agreed to help me. Claire [Holland] always returned my emails and phone calls. Also, she explained everything in simple words. I am 100% satisfied."

06 October 2017

Mr I Leach

"I have used Williamsons since 1970. Very happy. Friendly atmosphere, approachable, very efficient and professional."

07 August 2017

Mrs L Deas

"Very good level of communication. Quick, efficient service. Very thorough. Advice given at all stages of the process."

13 July 2017

Miss S Najjuko

"100% happy. The whole process of the case was excellent. All the staff, from the Receptionist, Lawyers... All the staff at Williamsons are wonderful. Special thanks to Jim [Suthers]."

14 June 2017

Mr R Rhodes

"So relaxed, homely atmosphere and easy to talk to. I used you for my first Will and was very happy with the service... So why not come back? Thank you."

12 June 2017

Miss J M Horner

"I always have and always will use Williamsons Solicitors. You explain things in words I understand."

07 May 2017

Mr S D Creaser

One client said "The promptness, the friendliness, the experience." is what impressed him. Mr Creaser also went on to saying "I found Ed [Cunnah] to be brilliant and I will continue to use Williamsons Solicitors from now on, if needed."

10 April 2017

Mr D R Baff

"All went super smooth, all messages were passed on with efficiency. Brilliant service."

09 April 2017

Mr S & Mrs A Hyde

"Very polite and professional, Suzanne [Spooner] and Natalie [Burns] were very nice to deal with."

03 April 2017

Mrs A G Beastall

"Diane [Ramsden] was more than willing to travel to the care home in Doncaster to meet my mother, and has provided excellent service."

02 April 2017

Mr M Minns

"Sarah [Clubley] was outstanding, professional and filled me with confidence."

30 March 2017

Mrs I Lusmore

"We were recommended years ago and have always used your services." The client commented on "how efficient your services were and how quickly you dealt with everything. The staff made us feel very comfortbale."

27 March 2017

Mrs M V Keeley-Smith

"The service was very down to earth and most of it was self-explanatory. It was nice to have dealings with a lady - I was more than happy with your service and would recommend you to anyone."

15 March 2017

Mr W H and Mrs M E Smith

"The kindness and time taken to explain everything, nothing was too much trouble for Lauren [Hughes] - she could not have done more for us."

10 March 2017

Mrs D Roberts

"Lauren [Hughes] was always helpful and informative with her advice and was always available or phoned back if I had a query."

10 March 2017

Advanced Roadworks Limited

"Prompt and efficient in dealing with all matters that arose."

23 February 2017

Mr E and Mrs R Height

Another client commented on our "excellent service" and said "Martina [Baloch] was very kind and considerate."

17 February 2017

Kenneth Reid-Stephenson

One client was very happy with the service provided. "You were more than instrumental and open in every aspect of this matter, as progression went on."

15 February 2017

Mr P D and Mrs S J Carman

"Martina [Baloch] explained everything and put us at ease."

10 February 2017

Mrs I Pratt

"I was kept informed at every stage and Claire Holland was available for questions etc."

2 November 2016

Marian Elsie Smith

"Very happy and pleased. Your solicitor Lauren [Hughes] was so kind and helpful, explained everything and nothing was too much trouble for her and so patient."

17 October 2016

Christine Anne James

"Lauren Hughes - her efficient, friendly and caring attitude at all times."

17 October 2016

Judith Coldicott

"Friendly and very efficient. Very good at communicating."

17 October 2016

Mrs Ford

"Very happy. You kept in touch and kept me up-to-date at every step and answered any questions I needed to ask."

12 October 2016

Jean Rogerson

"It was prompt and very helpful. Rebecca Bisby was most understanding."

11 October 2016

Keith Busby

"Excellent service. Friendliness and ease to discuss any problems and advice given by Jane [Cousins] and her staff."

28 September 2016

Mr Ablett and Mrs Sams-Ablett

"Very happy. Due to difficulties and failings by my purchaser's solicitors, there were extra pressures which were dealt with. Going the extra mile!"

29 June 2016

Mr Michael Stracey and Mrs Caroline Stracey

"Your service was very prompt. You did everything that you said you were going to do and worked in our best interest."

27 June 2016

Faustina Korkoi Tackie

"They were professional and open, honest and I felt at ease with them."

3 May 2016

Peter George Boasman

"Fully satisfied - beyond expectations... High standards of professionalism, response times and effective communication. The ability to resolve this issue administratively was beyond impressive, saving costs, time and stress!"

25 April 2016

Mr and Mrs Sugden

"100% happy. We were kept well informed of the progress of our purchase. Shazida Ullah was very professional, always answered our calls in a timely manner and was happy to help."

30 March 2016


Our client was "extremely happy and impressed" with our service. "Bill [Waddington] was quick and efficient answering to emails prior to the court date. On the morning of court, Bill was calm and professional which also put me at ease. Prior to going into court Bill explained the process of what would happen in court which again relaxed me. I found Bill to be very personable and easy to get along with. Following leaving court Bill came and spoke to me again and explained what would happen next."

22 March 2016

Alison Jane Peers

Our client described our service as "efficient and completely no nonsense: made everything straight forward."

11 March 2016

Brenda May Fisher

"You kept us informed at each stag of the process."

1 March 2016

Gareth and Deborah Rounding

"Efficient, easy to contact, meeting times outside of normal office hours, polite and cheerful. It's easy to catch people doing the wrong things - this is not the case with your service so it's a pleasure to catch you doing things correctly."

11 December 2015

Lee Jon Dervey

"Professional, straight forward manner... I found the service faultless".

4 December 2015

Gillian Teresa Booth

Our client was impressed by "the professionalism with which my case was handled, and the fact that I was always kept up-to-date with events".

20 November 2015

Terence Scruton

"First class service, well looked after. Straight forward honesty".

6 November 2015

Ena Pauline Summerfield

Our client was impressed by our service as it was "efficient and pleasant when coming into the office [and] not too expensive either".

6 November 2015

Garry Saltmer

"Paul [Kirby]'s ability to make me come away from a phone call or a meeting feeling 100% better then why I wanted to speak to him".

30 October 2015

Antonia Stowell

"Smooth throughout and Richard Smith was very professional and friendly".

23 October 2015


"Very easy to contact and we were kept up-to-date on all aspects of selling and buying our home".

29 September 2015

Kerry Potts

"The advice given was good, costs were tried to be kept down as much as possibly could, was kept informed of all matters."

4 August 2015

Mr and Mrs Harrison

"Someone was always available to help us with any problems we may have had."

27 July 2015

Jennifer Ann Brambles

"Very pleased; polite and professional at all times."

9 July 2015

Maxine Roberta Joyce

"Very happy with everything that was done for my late Husband and myself. Jane Cousins was a very polite and helpful lady at a time of my husband's passing. The kindness that was shown and given and they talked us through everything to make sure we understood."

9 July 2015

Agnes Bayliss

One client was impressed by "being informed about everything."

9 July 2015

Christine Smith

"Always replied when phoned or emailed and good advice given when pursuing claim."

23 June 2015

Susan Bateman

"Good advice given, nothing was too much trouble."

19 June 2015

Keith Norton

"Pleasant and prompt completion of our instruction."

19 June 2015

Margaret Woodlock-Smith

One client who was "extremely" happy with the service we provided said "friendly, efficient service from the first phonecall to book the appointment right to the final signings."

19 June 2015

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Read some reviews from our clients

4.89 Average

114 Reviews

Mrs Kathleen A

Excellent relationship management, clear and concise advice including option analysis. Very happy with all aspects of the service provided and the outcomes achieved. Friendly professional service.

Mr & M

Carey Robinson acted as our Solicitor on a recent commercial purchase and she was brilliant. Carey was super efficient and we were kept up to date on every aspect of the purchase. From start to finish our "Property Auction" purchase only took 7 working days to complete. We will definitely be using Carey again and can highly recommend her 5 star service.


Friendly, fast and efficient. Sale of property went very well.


I have nothing but praise for Gordon Sewell at the Hull office. He conducted my unusual and difficult civil case with great care and understanding. Gordon also injected the right amount of sympathy for my plight without being unprofessional. I would recommend him to anyone needing a clued up civil litigation lawyer.

Richard K

very helpful and efficient. thanks to all

Peter R

Mr Nick Gray was assigned my enquiry and worked with me throughout. He made himself available at all times and was always supportive to me on numerous occasions when I found myself unsure and admittedly nervous. He never let me down. I believe his advice was always good and I relied on it throughout. I think the award was the best I could have obtained and in conclusion I can honestly say that I am happy. The other contact I have had over the years was your receptionist, the face of your company. I was always greeted with a smile and the offer of a cup of coffee. On the occasions I visited your Hull office I was always made to feel important. Thank you.


Professional and courteous team. Recommend highly.

Gareth M

I’ve rated my experience with Williamson’s solicitors as excellent. My case was handled by Mr. Gordon Sewell. Mr. Sewell was very quick to get to work on my case, as was necessary at the time. Everything he did for me was thorough and made sure I had every chance in my case. Everything Mr Sewell did for me turned out a success and I couldn’t have been happy with the way he dealt with myself, could communicated with myself and dealt with the case in its entirety. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Williamson’s solicitors again should I require it and would recommend their services to anyone. In fact, I already have since my experience! Thanks again Gordon.

Dom W

Recently used Williamsons Solicitors as part of a remortgage and some other matters. Can't fault their service at all. Carey dealt with my file and was polite, professional and informative from beginning to end. Always kept me up to speed with progress. I would highly recommend them.

Mrs Margaret W

Excellent service with a friendly face

Mr Martin a

Was very happy with the service given by Williamsons solicitors who dealt with the probate of a friends will and also the selling of her property. Especially Diane Ramsden whose help was invaluable.


Williamsons took on my case following the collapse of another Hull legal practice. Despite them having to pick up a large amount of work already completed by others, they worked tirelessly to ensure the correct outcome for me. I cannot recommend this company highly enough, they go above and beyond the norm to make sure their clients are treated fairly.


We used Williamsons for selling and buying a property, we found Jane Cousins and her assistant Sam Pollard to be pleasant, professional and efficient. Lisa on reception downstairs was particularly helpful and polite. Thank you to you all.

Mr J G

Avery good service with very professional and knowledgeable staff.


Brilliant, thank you for helping me make this process easier.

Mr G B

I would recommend Williamson’s to any potential client. From the onset I was supported throughout a very difficult conveyance and my solicitor was very professional at all times. It is advisable to engage the services of a local company and not one advised by online estate agencies. Very competitive pricing too. Thank you Williamson’s.

Mr and Mrs Overall

Very helpful quick excellent service Have dealt with both Jenny Holloway and Emma Hudson in the past and on each occasion have found them both excellent and would recommend them both to any future clients Thank you once again for your excellent professional service

Mr C P

Brilliant communication and a first class effort despite a Rocky move, Jenny and Emma at the Hull city centre branch where fantastic.

Ms A

Very helpful and attentive, would definitely recommend Samantha/Jane of Williamsons sollicitors

Sue L

Our solicitor Carey Robinson was at all times helpful and professional, nothing was too much trouble. I would not hesitate to recommend her to friends and family.

Barbara C

I have used Williamsons Solicitors twice this year - for obtaining probate and for the sale of a leasehold flat and on both occasions I have found Williamsons to be extremely efficient and speedy. They were very knowledgeable and kept me well informed at all times. Any queries I had were answered promptly and all advice given was accurate and most helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend Williamsons to anyone in need of a first class, reliable and customer friendly solicitor. Thank you for making a traumatic situation as stress free as possible.