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The Importance of Early Investigation

The Importance of Early Investigation

Despite significant strides in the improvement of health and safety standards on merchant ships and fishing vessels, the industry remains one of the most risky sectors and when incidents do occur involving crew or passengers, the requirement to undertake early investigation cannot be understated.

There have been many incidents where Gordon Sewell has undertaken casualty investigations often within hours of the incident occurring which has proven to be very beneficial in serving the interests of the client and the member. Ships sail away, the crew change or move on and in that process, obtaining crucial evidence can be delayed or lost.

Contemporaneous witness statements from the crew and any passengers including documentation recovered from the ship (SMS, Risk Assessments, and Systems of Work etc) as well as photographic/video evidence are invaluable in the determination of what happened, why it happened and importantly the implications the incident may have in terms of civil or criminal liability.


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