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Personal Injury
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Personal Injury

Types of Personal Injury Claim

Types of Personal Injury Claim

Road Traffic Accidents

We have a specialist team that deal specifically with Road Traffic Accidents. If you were the driver, a passenger, a cyclist, motorcyclist or a pedestrian, and the accident wasn’t your fault, we will help you to receive the fairest outcome and compensation possible.

Car Accident Claims

All of our car accident injury claims are funded through Conditional Fee Agreements, which are more commonly known as no win, no fee agreements which means that there are no financial risks to you.

We are not linked with any insurance companies, which means that we are fully committed to ensuring that you get the best possible compensation award as we are only concerned with your interests, and not the interests of the insurance company itself.

We have a dedicated road traffic accident team which can deal with all types of injuries, from whiplash claims to catastrophic and life changing injuries.

If you have been injured in a car accident where you are a driver, a passenger, a pedestrian or if the injuries were caused by another motorist whilst you were riding a bicycle, a motorcycle or a horse then the first step in claiming compensation is to call our no win, no fee personal injury solicitors for a  free consultation to discuss your case (insert free phone number please) or complete the contact form below.

Motorcycle and Cycle Accidents

Notwithstanding a number of high profile safety campaigns to improve road safety conditions for motorcyclists and cyclists, the number of accidents involving cyclists remains unacceptably high and often lead to severe injuries. At Williamsons Solicitors we have specialist personal injury solicitors who will not only maximise your claim for compensation, but can often also arrange medical and rehabilitation treatment to maximise your recovery. Call our no win, no fee personal injury solicitors for a  free consultation to discuss your case (insert free phone number please) or complete the contact form below.

Pedestrian Road Accidents

Many pedestrian victims of road traffic accidents often do not seek to claim compensation because they wrongly assume that they will be blamed for the accident. The law does in fact impose high standards on motorists to be vigilant and to constantly look out for potential conflicts with pedestrian traffic and collisions between man and motor vehicle  can often result in very serious injuries.

Our expert solicitors can carefully assess the circumstances of your accident and advise as to whether you should claim following a pedestrian road traffic accident, to not only maximise the claim for fair and reasonable compensation, but if your injuries are severe we can also often help by arranging medical treatment, physiotherapy, counselling, retraining and other rehabilitation services. Call our no win, no fee personal injury solicitors for a  free consultation to discuss your case (insert free phone number please) or complete the contact form below.

Untraced or Uninsured Motorist Road Accident Claims

Government statistics now suggest that as many as 1 in 10 motorists are currently driving without insurance, and it is often this absence of insurance cover that leads motorists to fail to stop and provide their details following a road traffic accident. In both of these circumstances a claim can still be pursued against the at fault driver through what is called the Motor Insurers Bureau. So called MIB claims can be very complexed and it is important to have expert solicitors dealing with your claim. Furthermore, in order to succeed with claims under the “Untraced Drivers Agreement” it is a condition that the accident be reported to the Police at the very earliest opportunity, and certainly within 14 days if you are claiming for personal injuries. Failure to do so can jeopardise a claim but expert legal advice on these issues is available on (freephone number please) or contact us or complete the contact form below.

Whiplash Injury Compensation Claims

Whiplash injuries causing pain and discomfort to your neck, upper or lower back are the most common injuries following road traffic accidents.

Whiplash injuries are caused when the head suddenly snaps backwards, forwards or sideways and often occur after a sudden impact such as a road traffic accident.

Our expert whiplash injury solicitors can advise you on whether you have a case based on your own individual circumstances and in appropriate cases, we can also often arrange rehabilitation treatment including physiotherapy.

Our expert personal injury solicitors have helped thousands of people claim compensation for whiplash injuries sustained in car accidents and other road traffic accidents. In order to find out if you can claim call us today on (freephone number) or complete the contact form below.

Accidents at Work

  • Building site injury and illness
  • Manual handling and lifting injuries, including repetative strain injury
  • Defective work equipment and machinery
  • Industrial deafness
  • Work related stress
  • Inadequate training

Trips, slips and accidents in public places

  • Accidents in shops, supermarkets, pubs and restaurants
  • Pavement trips and slips
  • Accidents in public places
  • Accidents in school or college

Other accident claims

  • Fatal accidents
  • Spinal injury
  • Faulty product claims
  • Train/railway accidents
  • Accidents on boats and ships
  • Farm accidents and illnesses
  • Military accident
  • Hand arm vibration syndrome
  • Serious injury claims
  • Brain and head injury
  • Holiday accidents
  • Airline accident claims
  • Hotel illness
  • Hotel accidents
  • Other accident and injury claims
  • Dog bite claims
  • Sports injury claims
  • Hairdresser and beauty therapy negligence.

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On contacting you to make an appointment, the receptionist was very helpful. On arrival for our appointment again reception was very friendly. On meeting Gordon, he quickly understood our case and we realised that we were being advised by an expert in the field of defamation. His letter to Pinkney Grunwells Solicitors, Bridlington, put an immediate stop to the harassment that the Bridlington U3A committee had received from their client over the previous six months. Many thanks.

Mrs J F

Tim Slow at Williamsons help us through a very difficult time in our lives. Professional at all times whilst still been human and considering how as a family we felt.

Roger G

Williamsons Solicitors made me happy due to the fact they always called me back when they said they would , very efficient and professional from start to finish . i would definitely use them again if needed and recommend them thank you all again for you help and support Best Wishes Roger

Miss S

Throughout the 3 years my case was dealt with great care, and I was well informed with what was going on. Walliamson Solictors, is a great organised and exprienced firm. Please keep it up. God bless you all. P


Gordon handled my case very well, he was well informed and explained everything to me whenever I had any questions, everything was dealt with and my issue was resolved in my favour, I would highly recommend them and I will use them if I have any future issues

Roger W

My case was handled in a very professional and courteous manner throughout and proceeded exactly as I was told it would from the very first meeting. All contact I had with you either by telephone, email or in person completely put me at ease and therefore I felt comfortable asking any questions I had about my case to which I always received full and informative answers. I was kept fully up to date at all times with the progress of the case and as to what to expect next. I have been particularly impressed with the kind and compassionate treatment of my case from all of the staff at Williamsons particularly Nick Gray who throughout was professional and understanding during this difficult time. Finally I would like to pass on my thanks to all involved with the success of my case and would not hesitate to recommend Williamsons to anyone else unfortunate enough to be in a similar position.

Mr and Mrs Wingrove

We were buying and selling property which is always stressful his ever Suzanne, Natalie and everyone we dealt with were absolutely brilliant. Kept us informed all the way through the process. Now happy in our new bungalow and have no hesitation in highly recommending Williamsons.

Malcolm C

Mr Nick Gray was very thorough, professional and compassionate in dealing with our claim.

Mrs Wilson

Efficiently dealt with.

Mr and Mrs Patrick

Always prompt responses. We completed really quickly and Richard and Beth resolved problems as soon as they occured.

Mr Snidle a

Just bought a property Sorted in just over 3 weeks we'll done Williamsons.

Jessica T

We have just moved home & used the coveyancing team for our sale & purchase! Jane & Amanda have been incredible, happy to answer any questions & despite quite a long chain made the transaction go through as quickly & as smoothly as possible. They were professional, friendly & kept us up to date every step of the way! Would highly recommend! Thanks again!

Mr Hannah

Mark Allison was a very competent solicitor that looked into everything and made the purchase of my house very strait forward. would highly recommend and would use again.

Mr and Mrs Crane

Responded quickly when required. Knowledgeable / helpful staff. Very professional


Brilliant could not have asked for more. Kept us informed all the way through house sale.

Mr and Mrs Crabbe

Good to have engaged a knowledgeable, local firm of solicitors with plenty of experience in flat conveyancing (new to us) so that everything proceeded smoothly.


MR Richard Bancroft recently handled the purchase of a property for me. He kept me informed all through the process and completed the purchase in approximately 4 weeks. I was delighted with the service.

Ian a

They gave clear information regarding our problem, set out a course of action and achieved a successful outcome.

Mr and Mrs Render

They were knowledgable and friendly, helping us to arrange and sort out our wills without any messing about.

Julie M

Always available to answer any questions professionally and always correctly. If there was ever a question they couldn't answer they found out and came back to me. I used Williamsons due to our old solicitor retiring and I will definitely highly recommend to anyone who needs to use a solicitor. Amanda (AMH) in email is fantastic!

Laurie M

They were accessible, friendly and professional throughout, and secured a fair result in a difficult environment.