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Posted: 03/07/2024

Hospital Admits Causing Stillbirth of Baby

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Miss X attended the hospital due to concerns with reduced movements of her baby. The hospital failed to check her urine, incorrectly interpreted and classified the Cardiotocography (CTG), which checks the baby’s heart rate, and failed to carry out a repeat CTG that same day, meaning that it was not identified that the baby was in distress. The CTG that was later undertaken was not reviewed by an appropriately experienced doctor leading to it again being misinterpreted. Miss X was not offered an appointment for further ultrasound scan until 3 days later.

When Miss X attended for the scan, an intrauterine fetal death was confirmed and Miss X was required to deliver her baby 2 days after the scan where her baby showed no signs of life. Had Miss X received appropriate care, her baby would have been delivered sooner and would have survived.

Over the span of three years, Wayne and his team have worked with Miss X to get answers for what happened and why. Wayne and his team took extra care with this matter, showcasing a high level of sympathy when corresponding and working with Miss X, as Miss X was understandably struggling to come to terms with the loss of her child and the negligence that took place. Wayne was able to secure admissions from the hospital trust in which they acknowledged failings in the care provided to Miss X as well as apologising for the loss suffered. They accepted that Miss X should be compensated for her loss.

Wayne and his team were able to settle this matter for £40,000. The amount received would allow Miss X to undergo counselling and psychiatry sessions, to help her with processing her grief. Wayne appreciates that no amount of money will compensate for the loss of a child but made true efforts to ensure that Miss X was able to receive the support she requires.


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