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Posted: 03/07/2024

Multi-Million Pound Pay-out to Leg Amputee

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Miss X did not receive appropriate treatment when she was admitted to hospital with limb threatening ischaemia due to clots blocking arteries in her legs. As a result of the negligence, she needed to have an above knee amputation of one leg and she would also require below knee amputation of the other leg in the near future.

Over a number of years, Sarah and her team worked with Miss X to get answers as to what happened and why. Sarah was able to secure admissions from the hospital trust, in which they acknowledged failings in the care provided to Miss X and as well as apologising, they accepted that Miss X should be paid a substantial sum of compensation.

Whilst the value of the claim was being investigated and before the settlement was negotiated, Sarah secured substantial interim payments on damages for Miss X, which allowed her to undergo extensive inpatient and community rehabilitation, move into adapted accommodation and purchase a cutting edge prosthetic leg, which was much more suitable for her needs than what was available on the NHS.


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