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Clinical Negligence
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Clinical Negligence

Injury at Birth

Injury at Birth

Giving birth is a joyous occasion and perhaps the most memorable moment of your life. Yet on occasions, midwives and attending doctors make mistakes that can have catastrophic consequences, resulting in a birth injury claim having to be made.

Very often birth injuries can be avoided by the midwife and/or doctor properly monitoring labour/delivery, and being alert to complications that may arise which could compromise both mother and baby.

As reported in the media recently, an increasing number of adverse outcomes arise as a consequence of the inability to properly interpret CTGs (record of the baby’s heart rate) and
recognise situations that require immediate intervention to avert a potential disaster.

Williamsons’ specialist medical mistakes department has extensive experience of claims where, as a consequence of failures to properly monitor during labour and interpret CTGs, a baby has been born in a very poor condition, resulting, tragically, in early neonatal death, despite strenuous attempts at resuscitation.

We also have a significant understanding of situations where, whilst being born in a poor condition, a baby has survived but suffered significant brain damage, leading to cerebral palsy and requiring lifelong care and assistance.

Williamsons Solicitors in Hull, Driffield and Bridlington has a dedicated clinical negligence team who can give expert legal advice on birth injury claims.


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