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Personal Injury Compensation Guide

Personal Injury Compensation Guide

Every individual case is different and  the level of compensation depends on how quickly you recover from your injuries.

See below our guide to the compensation commonly received in respect of various categories of injury. Additional compensation will be awarded for financial losses, loss of earnings and out of pocket expenses. In more serious cases there may also be an award for financial losses that will be incurred in the future.

Head & Facial Injuries

  • Moderate brain damage: up to £192,090
  • Fractured nose: £1,500-£4,470
  • Fractured cheekbone: £2,040-£5,660
  • Fractured jaw: £5,660-£7,650
  • Loss of or damage to single front tooth: £1,930-£3,460
  • Loss of or damage to single back tooth: £960-£1,500

Back & Neck Injuries

  • Fractures of disc leading to severe disability £57,620-114,810
  • Injury to spine requiring spinal fusion: £24,340-£34,000
  • Disc prolapse: £10,970-£24,340
  • Typical whiplash injury – £2,150-£3,810
  • Minor back sprain – £1,000-£2,150

Shoulders, Elbow and Arm Injuries

  • Loss of both arms: £211,150-£263,060
  • One arm amputated at shoulder: Not less than £120,270
  • Severe disabling arm injury: £34,340-£114,810
  • Simple fracture of the forearm: £5,810 to £16,830
  • Severe disabling elbow injury: £34,340 – £48,080
  • Simple elbow fracture: Up to £11,040
  • Severe disabling shoulder injury: £11,200-£42,110
  • Frozen shoulder/shoulder impingement: £6,920-£11,200
  • Fracture of clavicle: £4,520-£10,730

Pelvis and Hip Injuries

  • Fracture/dislocation of the hip/pelvis: £11,040-£46,040
  • Cases involving hip replacement surgery: £11,040-£23,310
  • Soft tissue injuries to hip/pelvis: Up to £3,460

Hand and Wrist Injuries

  • Complete loss of function in wrist: £41,760-£52,490
  • Significant permanent disability to wrist: £21,480-£34,340
  • Simple fracture to wrist: £3,090-£4,160
  • Total loss of both hands: £123,310-£176,660
  • Total loss of one hand: £84,310-£96,150
  • Serious disabling hand injury: £25,430-£54,280
  • Loss of index and middle and/or ring fingers: £54,280-£79,560
  • Total loss of index finger: Up to £16,420
  • Partial loss of index finger: £10,670-£16,420
  • Simple fracture of one finger: Up to £4,160
  • Total loss of thumb: £31,140-£48,080
  • Simple fracture of thumb: Up to £3,460

Leg, Knee and Ankle Injuries

  • Loss of both legs: £211,150-£247,280
  • Above knee amputation of one leg: £91,910-£120,530
  • Multiple or complicated fractures of leg: £24,340-£34,370
  • Severe loss of knee function: £45,700-£84,360
  • Less severe injuries to knee leading to disability: £22,960-£38,120
  • Moderate knee injury: Up to £12,050
  • Ankle injury that severely limits ability to walk: £27,450-£43,900
  • Minor ankle injury with complete recovery: Up to £12,050

Foot and Toe Injuries

  • Amputation of both feet: £148,540-£176,660
  • Amputation of one foot: £73,620-£96,150
  • Simple fractures to foot with a complete recovery: Up to £6,140
  • Amputation of all toes: £32,020-£49,180
  • Amputation of big toe: in the region of £27,450
  • Severe toe injuries: £12,050-£18,480
  • Simple fracture of toe: Up to £4,900

Chest Injuries & damage to Internal Organs

  • Fractured rib: Up to £3,460
  • Collapsed lung: £1,920-£4660
  • Damaged lung: £4,660-£15,750
  • Damage to digestive system resulting from traumatic injury:  £5,810-£11,040
  • Loss of spleen: £3,810-£7,580
  • Hernia: £2,980-£6,330

Eye Injuries, Deafness, Smell and Taste

  • Total blindness: up to £235,630
  • Total loss of sight in one eye: £48,080-£57,590
  • Minor Eye injury: £3,460-£7,650
  • Total Deafness: £79,560-£96,150
  • Total loss of hearing in one ear: £27,450-£39,940
  • Partial Deafness/tinnitus: £6,450-£39,940
  • Total Loss of Taste and Smell: in the region of £34,340

Psychological Injuries

  • Severe:  £48,080 – £101,470
  • Moderate:  £5,130– £48,080
  • Less Severe:  up to £5,130
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: £3,460-£20,290

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