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Clinical Negligence
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Clinical Negligence

Dental Treatment

Dental Treatment

Going to the dentist is something that very few of us enjoy. Unfortunately, the temporary discomfort of a dental examination and treatment is not always the end of it; sometimes mistakes are made during dental treatment. Our professional team of solicitors has experience in dealing with a variety of claims arising from sub-standard dental treatment, which have led to avoidable injuries, and other losses.

We regularly pursue cases in respect of the following:-

  • Dentists failing to take x-rays to assist in making an appropriate diagnosis
  • Dentists failing to provide appropriate treatment plans for patients
  • Failure to properly anesthetise patients prior to treatment
  • Unnecessary loss of teeth due to inappropriate treatment
  • Failure to diagnose and treat gum disease (periodontitis)

If you think your dental care has been below an acceptable standard, we can help. We routinely arrange for a dental expert to give you a free initial opinion and this should put your mind at rest.


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