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Clinical Negligence
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Clinical Negligence

Failed Hip Replacement

Failed Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery becomes necessary when damage to the hip joint become so great that associated pain can no longer be controlled by non-surgical means. Such damage to the hip can be caused by a range of factors, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and hip fractures.

Whilst the majority of hip replacements are performed to a high standard, there are a number of potential complications that can occur through negligence on the part of the surgeon. The two most common faults are the failure to properly seat the artificial components, which can cause instability and premature loosening of the joint, and the failure to ensure a leg length discrepancy of less than 2cm, which can cause mobility difficulties and pain.

It is the responsibility of the doctor to ensure that these potential risks are avoided. We have the knowledge and experience to help clients who have experienced complications with their hip replacements due to surgical error.

Our concluded cases demonstrate our success in securing compensation for those who have suffered from negligence associated with hip replacement surgery.


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