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Failed Sterilisation Claims

Failed Sterilisation Claims

Have you become pregnant following a failed sterilisation procedure?

Many couples will find a time in their lives when they no longer wish to have any children, or further children, and will decide to undergo sterilisation, either by way of a vasectomy for men, or a sterilisation procedure for women. Sterilisation surgery for women is performed either by tubal occlusion – the placing of clips of rings around the fallopian tubes – or by blocking the fallopian tubes with implants.

For most people, these operations are successful; some, however, do fail, resulting in an unwanted pregnancy, or the need for further surgery. For couples who don’t want to have children, but don’t agree with a termination, bringing up a child following a sterilisation procedure can cause both financial and emotional strain.

Our solicitors understand the stress that can be caused in these situations, and we have extensive experience of dealing with claims regarding failed sterilisation, on the basis of the pain and suffering of undergoing an unwanted pregnancy and labour, and the loss of the right to limit your family size. It was decided by the House of Lords in ‘Rees Vs Darlington Memorial Hospital Trust’ that a conventional award of £15,000 should be applied to compensate any claimant for the deprivation of the right to limit family size.


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