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Clinical Negligence
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Clinical Negligence

Nursing Care/Pressure Sores

Nursing Care/Pressure Sores

In recent years there has been increasing emphasis on the poor care provided by nurses in hospitals and care homes. This has been largely due to a lack of proper training, coupled with staff shortages. The result is over-worked and under-supported nursing staff.

We are seeing an increase in the number of claims involving the provision of poor nursing care causing significant injuries to patients which often materially contribute to the individual’s death. The elderly and frail seem to be the most vulnerable and at risk from falling nursing standards.

Another area where sub-standard nursing care is causing unnecessary damage to patients is the development of pressure sores/bed sores. This often occurs in elderly and less mobile patients. In our experience, the vast majority of all pressure sores are preventable and these should not occur with appropriate care. Unfortunately, relatively simple steps to reduce the risk of developing pressure sores are not carried out. If you, or your family member/friend, has developed a pressure sore, talk to us as this should not have happened.

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