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Scaphoid Fracture of the Wrist

Scaphoid Fracture of the Wrist

Have you suffered injuries as a delayed diagnosis and/or treatment for a scaphoid fracture of the wrist?
The scaphoid is one of the small bones in the wrist.  It is the wrist bone that is most likely to break.  It is on the thumb side of the wrist, in the area where the wrist bends.


A scaphoid fracture is usually caused by a fall on an out-stretched hand, with the weight landing on the palm. The end of one of the forearm bones (the radius) may also break in this type of fall, depending on the position of the hand on landing. It can occur in people of all ages.


Usually pain and swelling at the base of the thumb.  The pain may be severe when you move your thumb or wrist, or when you try to grip something.

It is often incorrectly diagnosed as a simple sprain of the wrist.

Risks of delayed diagnosis/treatment

Delayed diagnosis and/or treatment for a scaphoid fracture, whether that treatment is surgical or non-surgical, can result in long-term problems arising from non-union of the bone, and avascular necrosis. This arises where the blood supply to one of the fragments of the fracture, is so poor that the piece does not get enough nutrients, and the cells in that fragment die.   With non-union and/or avascular necrosis, early onset arthritis may develop.

Making a scaphoid fracture claim

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