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Buying a Council House

Buying a Council House

We have a team of specialist and experienced conveyancing solicitors that will help you purchase your property from the Local Authority in a professional, speedy, efficient and cost effective manner.

The process consists of three stages:

Pre-contract stage

  • You will receive documentation from the Local Authority offering you the right to buy your home. You must complete, sign and return the form by way of confirmation that you wish to proceed with your purchase.
  • The Local Authority will carry out a valuation on your home and negotiate the purchase price with you.
  • Once the purchase price has been agreed you will then need to instruct us
  • The Local Authority will forward the documents and plans to us once they have been prepared
  • We will then submit a local authority search and an advance payment will be needed from you for the search fee.
  • The paperwork relating to your purchase will only be signed once all enquiries have been dealt with and the search result received.

Post-contract stage

  • Exchange of contracts does NOT occur when buying your council house

 Completion stage

  • The purchase of your home can often only take place on a specific day, usually a Monday
  • All rental payments due to the Local Authority must be paid in full before completion

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