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Public Law Outline (PLO)

Public Law Outline (PLO)

Public Law Outline (PLO)

Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances Social Services may become involved with your family. Usually, this will be because they have concerns about the care of your children.

Divorce Solicitors It is important to seek professional legal advice.

Social Services may commence Public Law Outline proceedings (also known as PLO). This means that Social Services are so concerned about the care of your children, that they are  considering starting care proceedings at court.

divorce solicitorsSocial Services may have sent you a ‘Letter of Intent’ or a ‘Public Law Outline’ letter. The letter sets out the concerns that Social Services have and you will be invited to attend a Public Law Outline meeting with your solicitor, at which, those concerns will be discussed.

In the meeting, the Social Services will explain what needs to be achieved to improve the situation for your children to avoid court proceedings.

This process can take anything up to 3 months and may involve review meetings to assess the progress made. It is important to try to achieve the best outcome for your children.

With one of the largest family teams in the Hull & East Yorkshire area, we can provide the comprehensive legal advice and support that you will need.

Family Law SolicitorLegal Aid is available for parents involved with Social Services and, in particular, those involved in Public Law Outline proceedings and care proceedings at court.

We have an experienced Family Law team at Williamsons Solicitors who will support and guide you through this difficult process.

Please ask for Paul Barker he is an experienced Family clerk who can attend the PLO meeting with you.


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