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Separation Agreements

Separation Agreements

We design separation agreements to best fit your personal circumstances. As an example an agreement may include:

  • How much each of you contribute to rent, mortgage or household bills until you can vacate, sell or transfer your home should this be part of what’s been agreed
  • How to deal with any debts you may have between you
  • How to deal with any proceeds from the sale of a property, after paying off any outstanding mortgage balance or sale costs
  • How to deal with any joint bank accounts or credit cards
  • What will happen to items you’ve bought together, such as cars and furniture
  • Maintenance agreed to support one party and/or the children
  • Who any children will live with and when they will see the other parent

As long as you have both been honest with each other about your finances and assets, it is likely that a court would enforce a separation agreement as it is a legal contract between you. Therefore it is important that both sides get the right advice when making an agreement.

The costs of separation agreements (drafting only) are £750 + vat (£900.00) to £1500.00 + vat (£1800.00).


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